A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making Disc-9

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A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making Disc-9
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A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making,10 DVD Box Set - A Complete Instructional DVD Collection
"Clear out your workshop and sharpen your tools!" Introducing a comprehensive new guide for building your own Dreadnought-size guitar, taught by luthier Chris Wynne of Australia's Montsalvat School of Acoustic Guitar Making. It's an impressive 10-DVD set, but fear not--the comprehensive course is structured for first-time builders and woodworkers. Chris guides you through each step in the guitarmaking process, troubleshoots potential problems and explores current guitar wood science, all with the convenient navigation of DVD menus.
Disc-9: Making your own jigs • Side bending • Making a fretboard • Making a body mould and bracing dish

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Posted By: padsan3 Date: 14 Sep 2010 15:22:50
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