Eduardo Rovira y la Agrupación Tango Moderno - Tango Vanguardia

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Eduardo Rovira y la Agrupación Tango Moderno - Tango Vanguardia
MP3 | 66 Mb | 192Kbps | RS | 1963 | CD 2008
Argentina, Tango, Instrumental

Bandoneonist and pianist born in 1925, Eduardo Rovira was a underestimated artist not only of his generation but also the following one. His work became a worship for a reduced core of initiates in arts of the Tango and urban culture of Buenos Aires.

Born in 1925 in Lanús, Buenos Aires, at the age of 9 years Rovira started as a musician playing in the Café Germinal at the Calle Corrientes with the orchestra of Francisco Alessio, and two years later he became member of Vicente Fiorentino's band. In spite of his age, he could compete musically with other musicians of the time and during the forties he acted with orchestras like Florindo Sassone, Antonio Rodio, Orlando Goñi, Miguel Caló, Osmar Maderna and Juan Esteban Martínez Pirincho. He not only accompanied many singers, but worked also as an arranger, basically within the context of an Orquesta Típica. With his own orchestra he presented traditional tangos at Radio Splendid and on international tours. In the fifties he worked with José Basso, Juan E. Martínez. Alfredo Gobbi and Osvaldo Manzi and many others. He belongs since this time to the group of avantgarde and experimental tango together with Astor Piazzolla, Horacio Salgán, Atilio Stampone and people coming from Osvaldo Pugliese.

After the dissolution of the orchestra of Gobbi, in 1957, Rovira made some projects with the singer Alfredo Del Río and the orchestra of Atilio Stampone. Then he started a very creative stage with his "Agrupacion de Tango Moderno".

Rovira was a person of a great humility, with a "low profile". With an introspective nature and always attracted by the studies, he was familiarized with the harmony, the fuga, the counterpoint and the dodecaphony. Contemporary of Astor Piazzolla, Eduardo Rovira expands the tango genre in an experimental way. Sadly, he died in 1980, at 55 years-old.

This CD, originally recorded at 1963, is a wonderful portrait of the inmense talent of Eduardo Rovira as composer, arranger and bandoneonist.

1) Simple (Osvaldo Manzi / Astor Piazzolla)
2) Bandomania (Eduardo Rovira)
3) Elegia para el amigo Negro (Eduardo Rovira)
4) Contrapunteando (Eduardo Rovira)
5) Para piano y orquesta (Eduardo Rovira)
6) Monotemático (Eduardo Rovira)
7) Serial Dodecafónico (Eduardo Rovira)
8) Gente (José Moreno)
9) Nostálgico (Julián Plaza)
10) Triálogo (Eduardo Rovira)
11) Dos Imágenes (Carlos Buono)

Eduardo Rovira: Bandoneón y arreglos
Reinaldo Nichele: violín solista
Ernesto Citon: violí
Mario Lalli: 2do violín
Enrique "Quique" Lannoó: violoncello
Fernando Romero: contrabajo
Osvaldo Manzi: piano

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