Tracy Chapman - 6 Albums: Tracy Chapman, Crossroads, Matters of the Heart, Collection, Let It Rain, Where You Live

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Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman - 6 Albums: Tracy Chapman (1988), Crossroads (1989), Matters of the Heart (1992), Collection (2001), Let It Rain (2002), Where You Live (2005)
Folk, singer-songwriters | EAC | Ape, flac (image) + cue + log

These are 5 regular albums and a collection of the best songs by acclaimed American singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman. She is well-known for her socially conscious, politically oriented songs, as well as intense love songs untraditionally oriented.
"Twenty years after her self-titled debut, Tracy Chapman remains true to her musical calling: soul-rich folk melodies around a voice of honesty." The Billboard
"She's terrific on obsessive love." The Guardian

Biography by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Tracy Chapman helped restore singer/songwriters to the spotlight in the '80s. The multi-platinum success of Chapman's eponymous 1988 debut was unexpected, and it had lasting impact. Although Chapman was working from the same confessional singer/songwriter foundation that had been popularized in the '70s, her songs were fresh and powerful, driven by simple melodies and affecting lyrics. At the time of her first album, there were only a handful of artists performing such a style successfully, and her success ushered in a new era of singer/songwriters that lasted well into the '90s. Furthermore, her album helped usher in the era of political correctness -- along with 10,000 Maniacs and R.E.M., Chapman's liberal politics proved enormously influential on American college campuses in the late '80s.

Raised in a working class neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, Chapman learned how to play guitar as a child, and began to write her own songs shortly afterward. Following high school, she won a minority placement scholarship and decided to attend Tufts University, where she studied anthropology and African studies. While at Tufts, she became fascinated with folk-rock and singer/songwriters, and began performing her own songs at coffeehouses. Eventually, she recorded a set of demos at the college radio station. One of her fellow students, Brian Koppelman, heard Chapman play and recommended her to his father, Charles Koppelman, who ran SBK Publishing. Koppelman helped Chapman sign to Elektra in 1987.

Chapman recorded her debut album with David Kershenbaum, and the resulting eponymous record was released in the spring of 1988. Tracy Chapman was greeted with enthusiastic reviews. Within a few months, she played at the internationally televised concert for Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday party, where her performance was greeted with thunderous applause. Soon, the single "Fast Car" began climbing the charts, eventually peaking at number six. The album's sales soared along with the single, and by the end of the year, the record had gone multi-platinum. Early the following year, the record won four Grammys, including Best New Artist.

It was an auspicious beginning to Chapman's career, and it was perhaps inevitable that her second album, 1989's darker, more political Crossroads, wasn't as successful. Following Crossroads, Chapman spent a few years in seclusion, returning in 1992 with Matters of the Heart. The album was greeted with mixed reviews and weak sales, and Chapman had fallen into cult status. Three years later, she managed to make a very successful comeback with her fourth album, New Beginning. The bluesy "Give Me One Reason" was pulled as the first single, and it slowly became a hit, sending the album into the U.S. Top Ten in early 1996. Telling Stories followed in early 2000, and Let It Rain followed two years later. For 2005's Where You Live, Chapman co-produced the album with Tchad Blake. Our Bright Future, co-produced by Chapman and Larry Klein, appeared in November of 2008.

Track Listings

Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman (1988)
Ape | 36 min | 196 MB

01. Talkin' bout a Revolution
02. Fast car
03. Across the Lines
04. Behind the Wall
05. Baby Can I Hold You
06. Mountains o' Things
07. She's Got Her Ticket
08. Why
09. For My Lover
10. If Not Now
11. For You


Tracy Chapman - Crossroads (1989)
Ape | 43 min | 212 MB

01. Crossroads
02. Bridges
03. Freedom Now
04. Material World
05. Be Careful of My Heart
06. Subcity
07. Born to Fight
08. A Hundred Years
09. This Time
10. All That You Have Is Your Soul

Matters of the Heart

Tracy Chapman - Matters of the Heart (1992)
Ape | 44 min | 258 MB

01. Bang Bang Bang
02. So
03. I Used to Be a Sailor
04. The Love That You Had
05. Woman's Work
06. If These Are the Things
07. Short Supply
08. Dreaming on a World
09. Open Arms
10. Matters of the Heart


Tracy Chapman - Collection (2001)
Flac | 1 h 13 min | 430 MB

01. Fast Car
02. Subcity
03. Baby Can I Hold You
04. The Promise
05. I'm Ready
06. Crossroads
07. Bang Bang Bang
08. Telling Stories
09. Smoke and Ashes
10. Speak the Word
11. Wedding Song
12. Open Arms
13. Give Me One Reason
14. Talkin' bout a Revolution
15. She's Got Her Ticket
16. All That You Have Is Your Soul

Let It Rain

Tracy Chapman - Let It Rain (2002)
Ape | 41 min | 209 MB

01. Let It Rain
02. Another Sun
03. You're the One
04. In the Dark
05. Almost
06. Hard Wired
07. Say Hallelujah
08. Broken
09. Happy
10. Goodbye
11. Over in Love (instrumental)
12. I Am Yours

Where You Live

Tracy Chapman - Where You Live (2005)
Ape | 47 min | 243 MB

01. Change
02. Talk to You
03. 3,000 Miles
04. Going Back
05. Don't Dwell
06. Never Yours
07. America
08. Love's Proof
09. Before Easter
10. Taken
11. Be and Be Not Afraid

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Note: The rippers of the albums are various, including myself.
There seem to be two versions of the album Let It Rain, slightly different; I've got an edition where the track "Over in Love" is instrumental and the closer is "I Am Yours." I'm not having a scanner within reach right now, so I included covers found on the internet, and they are of another edition, where "Over in Love" has lyrics and closes the disc.

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