Liszt Complete Music for Solo Piano - Leslie Howard [REUPLOAD]

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Liszt Complete Music for Solo Piano - Leslie Howard [REUPLOAD]
Volumes 1-10 of 59
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Classical | 1985-1999 | Hyperion | 12CD – 10 Vol | 2.9 GB

In 1986 - the centenary of Liszt's death - Leslie Howard gave a series of ten Liszt recitals in London. By carefully selecting only Liszt own compsitions, Howard was able to represent Liszt's entire solo piano work.
Consequently Howard made the largest recording project ever - the complete music for solo piano of Liszt (1985-1989).
All Liszt's versions of his piano music were included, including more than 300 premiere performances and recordings, and pieces unheard since Liszt's lifetime, and also all arrangements of other composers' work. Four discs were given to Liszt's seventeen works for piano and orchestra, about half of which were premiere recordings made from unpublished manuscripts.
The series ran at first to 94 full-length CDs, and earned Howard a place in the Guinness Book Of Records. One bonus disc and two later Cds - New Liszt Discoveries raised the number to 97. Two new discs were recently recorded and will appear in 2010.

A critic in the BBC Music Magazine declared: "Howard is, by general consensus, the finest living exponent of Liszt. (He has) a formidable intellectual grasp of the music, (and) his vastly superior performances continue to carry the day."
Leslie Howard’s recording of Liszt’s complete piano music, on 95 CDs, is one of the monumental achievements in the history of recorded music. Remarkable as much for its musicological research and scholarly rigour as for Howard’s Herculean piano playing, this survey has been invaluable to serious lovers of Liszt. The range of Leslie Howard’s sympathies is evident here, from the flamboyant showpieces of Liszt’s youth to the challenging and prophetic works of his old age. This is the perfect introduction to Liszt, one that goes well beyond simply presenting his most popular works. ~ Hyperion

More information about Leslie Howard: here and here.

More information about Franz Liszt.

Volumes in this issue (95+2 CDs)
Vol 01 – The Waltzes
Vol 02 – Ballades, Legends and Polonaises
Vol 03 – Konzertsolo Odes Funebres
Vol 04 – Transcendental Studies
Vol 05 – Saint-Saлns, Chopin and Berlioz transcriptions
Vol 06 – Liszt at the Opera – I
Vol 07 – Harmonies Poetiques et Religieuses
Vol 08 – Christmas Tree Via Crucis
Vol 09 – Sonata, Elegies Consolations
Vol 10 – The Hexamйron
Vol 11 – The Late Pieces
Vol 12 – Troisiиme Annйe de pиlerinage
Vol 13 – A la Chapelle Sixtine
Vol 14 – Christus, St Elisabeth St Stanislaus
Vol 15 – ‘Songs without Words’
Vol 16 – Bunte Reihe
Vol 17 – Liszt at the Opera – II
Vol 18 – Liszt at the Theatre
Vol 19 – Liebestrдume and the Songbooks
Vol 20 – Album d’un Voyageur
Vol 21 – Soirйes Musicales – Soirйes Italiennes
Vol 22 – The Beethoven Symphonies
Vol 23 – Harold In Italy
Vol 24 – Beethoven and Hummel Septets
Vol 25 – The Canticle of the Sun
Vol 26 – The Young Liszt
Vol 27 – Fantasies on National Songs and Anthems
Vol 28 – Dances and Marches
Vol 29 – Magyar Dalok Magyar Rapszуdiбk
Vol 30 – Liszt at the Opera III
Vol 31 – The Schubert Transcriptions – I
Vol 32 – The Schubert Transcriptions – II
Vol 33 – The Schubert Transcriptions – III
Vol 34 – Douze Grandes Etudes
Vol 35 – Arabesques
Vol 36 – Excelsior!
Vol 37 – Tanzmomente
Vol 38 – Les Preludes
Vol 39 – Premiere Annйe de Pиlerinage
Vol 40 – Gaudeamus Igitur – Piиces d’occasion
Vol 41 – The Recitations with pianoforte
Vol 42 – Liszt at the Opera – IV
Vol 43 – Deuxiиme Annйe de Pиlerinage
Vol 44 – Early Beethoven Transcriptions
Vol 45 – Rapsodie Espagnole and other pieces on Spanish themes
Vol 46 – Meditations
Vol 47 – Litanies de Marie
Vol 48 – The Complete Paganini Etudes
Vol 49 – Schubert and Weber Transcriptions
Vol 50 – Liszt at the Opera – V
Vol 51 – Paralipomиnes
Vol 52 – Ungarischer Romanzero
Vol 53a – Music for Piano and Orchestra – 1
Vol 53b – Music for Piano and Orchestra – 2
Vol 54 – Liszt at the Opera – VI
Vol 55 – Grande Fantaisie de Bravoure sur La Clochette
Vol 56 – Rarities, Curiosities, Album Leaves and Fragments
Vol 57 – Rapsodies Hongroises
Vol 58 - Liszt: New Discoveries
Vol 59 - Liszt: New Discoveries – 2

Track Listings Vol. 01-10

Complete Liszt Piano Vol. 01 - 73'58"
1 Waltzes-Valse Oubliee No.2,S215 No.2
2 Waltzes-Mephisto Waltz No.2,S515
3 Waltzes-Valse Oubliee No.3,S215 No.3
4 Waltzes-Mephisto Waltz No.3,S216
5 Waltzes-Valse Oubliee No.4,S215 No.4
6 Waltzes-Mephisto Waltz No.4,S696
7 Waltzes-Landler in Ab,S211
8 Waltzes-Album Leaf in Waltz Form,S166
9 Waltzes-Valse-Impromptu,S213
10 Waltzes-Valse Melancolique,S214 No.2
11 Waltzes-Valse de Bravoure,S214 No.1
12 Waltzes-Bagatelle Sans Tonalite,S216a
13 Waltzes-Valse Oubliee No.1,S215 No.1
14 Waltzes-Mephisto Waltz No.1,S514 [Der Tanz in der Dorfschenke]

Complete Liszt Piano Vol. 02 - 71'42"
1 Premiere Ballade [Le chant du croise] in Db,S170
2 Deuxieme Ballade in Bm, S171
3 Legendes, S175-St.Francois d’Assise [La predication aux oiseaux]
4 Legendes, S175-St.Francois de Paule marchant sur les flots
5 Berceuse, S174[2nd ver]
6 Impromptu, S191
7 Klavierstuck in Ab,S189
8 Deux Polonaises, S233-Polonaise melancolique in Cm
9 Deux Polonaises, S233-Polonaise in E

Complete Liszt Piano Vol. 03 - 77'15"
1 Fantasie und Fuge, S529-On the Theme of B-A-C-H
2 Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen,S179 [Preludium nach JS Bach]
3 Variationen Uber Das Motiv Von Bach,S180
4 Trois Odes Funebres-Les Morts-Oraison,S516
5 Trois Odes Funebres-La Notte,S699
6 Trois Odes Funebres-Le Triomphe Funebre du Tasse,S517
7 Grosses Konzertsolo,S176

Complete Liszt Piano vol.04 - 76'25"
1 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Prelude
2 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Untitled
3 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Paysage
4 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Mazeppa
5 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Feux follets
6 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Vision
7 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Eroica
8 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Wilde Jagd
9 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Ricordanza
10 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Untitled
11 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Harmonies du Soir
12 12 Transcendental Etudes,S139-Chasse-neige
13 Mariotte-Valse de Marie [No S Number]
14 Adagio in C [No S Number]
15 Elegie sur des Motifs du Prince Louis,S168

Complete Liszt Piano vol.05 - 73'
1 Danse Macabre,S555-From St.Saens "Dance Macabre"
2 Six Chants Polonais from Chopin,S480-Zyczenie,B133 Op.74 No.1
3 Six Chants Polonais from Chopin,S480-Wiosna,B116 Op.74 No.2
4 Six Chants Polonais from Chopin,S480-Pierscien,B103 Op.74 No.14
5 Six Chants Polonais from Chopin,S480-Hulanka,B150 Op.74 No.4
6 Six Chants Polonais from Chopin,S480-Moja pieszczotka,B112 Op.74 No.12
7 Six Chants Polonais from Chopin,S480-Narzeczony,B163 Op.74 No.15
8 L’Idee Fixe,S395 [Andante amoroso d’apres une melodie de Berlioz]
9 Ouverture des Francs-Juges,S471 [From "Les Francs-Juges",Op.3 by Berlioz]
10 Marche des Pelerins-Chantant la prier du soir,S473 [From "Harold en Italie",Op.16 by Berlioz]
11 Valse des Sylphes,S475 [From "La Damnation de Faust",Op.24 by Berlioz]
12 Ouverture du Roi Lear,S474 [From "Roi Lear",Op.4 by Berlioz]

Complete Liszt Piano vol.06 CD1 - (both CDs) - 154'19"
1 Ouverture Aus Der Oper Der Freischutz,S575 [From Weber’s "Der Freischutz"J277]
2 Reminiscences de Don Juan,S418 [From Mozart’s "Don Giovanni",KV 527]
3 Aida Di verdi-Danza Sacra E Duetto Finale,S436 [From Verdi’s "Aida"]
4 Polonaise aus Tschaikowskys Oper Jewgeny Onegin,S429 [From Tchaikovsky’s "Eugene Onegin"]
5 Tscherkessenmarsch aus Russlan und Ludmilla,S406 [From Glinka’s "Russlan & Ludmilla"]
6 Sarabande und Chaconne aus dem Singspiel Almira,S181 [From Handel’s "Almira"]
7 Benediction et Serment- Deux Motifs de B.Cellini,S396 [From Berlioz’s "Benvenuto Cellini"]
8 Valse de L’Opera Faust,S407 [From Gounod’s "Faust"]

Complete Liszt Piano vol.06 CD2
1 Isoldens Liebestod-Schluss-Szenn aus Tristan & Isolde,S447 [From Wagner’s "Tristan & Isolde"]
2 Remeniscences de Lucia de Lamermoor,S397 [From Donizetti’s "Lucia di Lammermoor"]
3 Marche Funebre et Cavatine de Lucia de Lamermoor,S398 [From Donizetti’s "Lucia di Lammermoor"]
4 Halloh!-Jagdchor und Steyrer aus der Oper Tony,S404 [From Duke Ernst of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s "Tony,oder Die Vergeltung"]
5 Illustrations de L’Opera L’Africaine,S415-Priere des matelots "O grande St.Dominique" [From Meyerbeer’s "L’Africaine"]
6 Illustrations de L’Opera L’Africaine,S415-Marche indienne [From Meyerbeer’s "L’Africaine"]
7 Three Pieces on Themes By Auber,S387-Introduction
8 Three Pieces on Themes By Auber,S387-Piece No.1
9 Three Pieces on Themes By Auber,S387-Piece No.2 [Berceuse from Auber’s "La Muette de Portici"]
10 Three Pieces on Themes By Auber,S387-Piece No.3
11 Reminiscences de Norma,S394 [From Bellini’s "Norma"]

Complete Liszt Piano vol07 CD1 - (both CDs) 154'46"
1 Ave Maria in E,S182-Die Glocken von Rom
2 Ave maris stella,S506
3 Invocation, [early version w-o S number]
4 Hymne du matin,S173a2
5 Hymne de la nuit,S173a1
6 Harmonies poltiques religieuses,S154
7 Harmonies poltiques religieuses,S173-No.1-Invocation
8 Harmonies poltiques religieuses,S173-No.2-Ave Maria in Bb
9 Harmonies poltiques religieuses,S173-No.3-Benediction de Dieu dans la solitude
10 Harmonies poltiques religieuses,S173-No.4-Pensaes des morts
11 Harmonies poltiques religieuses,S173-No.5-Pater noster
12 Harmonies poltiques religieuses,S173-No.6-Hymne de l’Enfant e son revei

Complete Liszt Piano vol.07 CD2
1 Harmonies poltiques religieuses,S173-No.7-Funerailles
2 Harmonies poltiques religieuses,S173-No.8-Miserere d’apres Palestrina
3 Harmonies poltiques religieuses,S173-No.9- [Andante lagrimoso]
4 Harmonies poltiques religieuses,S173-No.10-Cantique d’amour
5 Alleluia,S183-1
6 Ave Maria [d’Arcadelt] in F,S183-2
7 In domum Domini ibimus,S505
8 O Roma nobilis,S546a
9 Slavimo slavo Slaveni!,S503
10 Ave Maria in D,S504 [1st ver]
11 Ave Maria in Db,S504 [2nd ver]
12 L’hymne du Pape,S530
13 In festo transfigurationis Domini nostri Jesu Christi,S188
14 Sancta Dorothea,S187
15 Ave Maria in G,S545
16 Benedictus [Hungarian Coronation Mass],S501
17 Offertorium [Hungarian Coronation Mass],S591
18 Stabat Mater, [no S number]
19 Urbi & orbi-Benediction papale,S184
20 Vexilla Regis prodeunt,S85

Complete Liszt Piano vol.08 - 75'6"
1 Weihnachstbaum,S186-Psallite-Altes Weihnachtslied
2 Weihnachstbaum,S186-O heilige Nacht!-Weihnachtslied nach einer alten Weise
3 Weihnachstbaum,S186-Die Hirten an der Krippe [In dulci jubilo]
4 Weihnachstbaum,S186-Adeste fideles-Gleichsam als Marsch der heiligen drei Kenige
5 Weihnachstbaum,S186-Scherzoso-Man zundet die Kerzen des Baumes an
6 Weihnachstbaum,S186-Carillon
7 Weihnachstbaum,S186-Schlummerlied
8 Weihnachstbaum,S186-Altes provenzalisches Wiehnachtslied
9 Weihnachstbaum,S186-Abendglocken
10 Weihnachstbaum,S186-Ehemals!
11 Weihnachstbaum,S186-Ungarisch
12 Weihnachstbaum,S186-Polnisch
13 Weihnachstlied,S502-Christus ist geboren
14 Via Crucis,S504a-Vexilla Regis
15 Via Crucis,S504a-Station I-Jesus est condamne a mort
16 Via Crucis,S504a-Station II-Jesus est charge de sa croix
17 Via Crucis,S504a-Station III-Jesus tombe pour la premiere fois
18 Via Crucis,S504a-Station IV-Jesus recontre sa tres sainte mere
19 Via Crucis,S504a-Station V-Simon le Cyreneen aide Jesus a porter sa croix
20 Via Crucis,S504a-Station VI-Sancta Veronica
21 Via Crucis,S504a-Station VII-Jesus tombe pour la seconde fois
22 Via Crucis,S504a-Station VIII-Les femmes de Jerusalem
23 Via Crucis,S504a-Station IX-Jesus tombe une troisieme fois
24 Via Crucis,S504a-Station X-Jesus est depouille de ses vetements
25 Via Crucis,S504a-Station XI-Jesus est attache a la croix
26 Via Crucis,S504a-Station XII-Jesus meurt sur la croix
27 Via Crucis,S504a-Station XIII-Jesus est depose de la croix
28 Via Crucis,S504a-Station XIV-Jesus est mis dans le sepulcre
29 Chorale,S504b-Crux ave benedicta
30 Chorale,S504b-Jesu Christe-Die funf Wunden
31 Chorale,S504b-Meine Seele erhebt den Herrn [Der Kirschensegen,Psalm 67]
32 Chorale,S504b-Nun danket alle Gott
33 Chorale,S504b-Nun ruhen all Walder
34 Chorale,S504b-O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden
35 Chorale,S504b-O Lamm Gottes [am Karfreitag]
36 Chorale,S504b-O Traurigkeit
37 Chorale,S504b-Vexilla Regis
38 Chorale,S504b-Was Gott tut,das ist wohlgetan
39 Chorale,S504b-Wer nur den Lieben Gott lasst walten

Complete Liszt Piano vol.09 - 78'36"
1 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 01
2 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 02
3 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 03
4 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 04
5 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 05
6 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 06
7 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 07
8 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 08
9 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 09
10 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 10
11 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 11
12 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 12
13 Piano Sonata in Bm,S178-Part 13
14 Premiere Elegie,S196
15 Zweite Elegie,S197
16 Consolations-6 Pensees Poetiques,S172-No.1 in E
17 Consolations-6 Pensees Poetiques,S172-No.2 in E
18 Consolations-6 Pensees Poetiques,S172-No.3 in Db
19 Consolations-6 Pensees Poetiques,S172-No.4 in Db ["Stern-Consolation" on a theme by the Grand Dutchess Maria Pavlovna]
20 Consolations-6 Pensees Poetiques,S172-No.5 in E
21 Consolations-6 Pensees Poetiques,S172-No.6 in E
22 Gretchen aus Faust-Symphonie,S513 [Piano version of 2nd movement]
23 Totentanz,S525 [Piano & orchestra version 1st drafted 1849,all versions published 1865]

Complete Liszt Piano vol.10 - 75'37"
1 Hexameron,S392-Introduction-Extremement lent [Liszt]
2 Hexameron,S392-Tema-Allegro marziale ["Suonbi la tromba" from I Puritani by Bellini transcribed by Liszt]
3 Hexameron,S392-Variation I-Ben marcato [Thalberg]
4 Hexameron,S392-Variation II-Moderato [Liszt]
5 Hexameron,S392-Variation III-di bravura [Pixis]-Ritornello [Liszt]
6 Hexameron,S392-Variation IV-Legato e grazioso [Herz]
7 Hexameron,S392-Variation V-Vivo e brillante [Czerny]-Fuocoso molto energico-Lento quasi recitativo [Liszt]
8 Hexameron,S392-Variation VI- Largo [Chopin]-Coda [Liszt]
9 Hexameron,S392-Finale-Molto vivace quasi prestissimo [Liszt]
10 Un Portrait en musique de la Marquise de Blocqueville,S190-Tempo rubato [Herz]
11 Un Portrait en musique de la Marquise de Blocqueville,S190-Lento e religioso [Plante]
12 Un Portrait en musique de la Marquise de Blocqueville,S190-Meme mouvement mais avec incertitude [Liszt]
13 Symphonie Fantastique,S470 [From Berlioz’s "Symphonie Fantasique"]-Reveries-Largo
14 Symphonie Fantastique,S470 [From Berlioz’s "Symphonie Fantasique"]-Passions-Allegro agitato e appassionato assai
15 Symphonie Fantastique,S470 [From Berlioz’s "Symphonie Fantasique"]-Un bal-Valse,Allegro non troppo
16 Symphonie Fantastique,S470 [From Berlioz’s "Symphonie Fantasique"]-Scene aux champs-Adagio
17 Symphonie Fantastique,S470 [From Berlioz’s "Symphonie Fantasique"]-Marche au supplice-Allegretto non troppo
18 Symphonie Fantastique,S470 [From Berlioz’s "Symphonie Fantasique"]-Songe d’une nuit du Sabbat-Larghetto
19 Symphonie Fantastique,S470 [From Berlioz’s "Symphonie Fantasique"]-Allegro assai
20 Symphonie Fantastique,S470 [From Berlioz’s "Symphonie Fantasique"]-Allegro
21 Symphonie Fantastique,S470 [From Berlioz’s "Symphonie Fantasique"]-Lontano [Dies Irae]
22 Symphonie Fantastique,S470 [From Berlioz’s "Symphonie Fantasique"]-Ronde du Sabbat

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View some sleeve notes/artwork (PDF) on hyperion - records

Many thanks to soloweb, the previous uploader here!
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soloweb Vol. 04-06
soloweb Vol. 07-09
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Posted By: aliomodo Date: 21 Feb 2010 22:08:56
I've always wanted to sample some of these disks. Thanks for your effort, Zedda Piras!!
Posted By: caramba68 Date: 22 Feb 2010 06:54:10
Really awesome, thank you very much for your time & effort!
Posted By: komiyama Date: 22 Feb 2010 15:34:17
Thank you for your effort!!!
Posted By: zedda piras Date: 22 Feb 2010 19:12:40
Thank you for your comments.

It is a real effort indeed.
I know that some people do not appreciate this kind of work.

As for me, I found here many works of art and consequently aesthetic pleasure, so I feel that it is very important to restitute the lost music to the other people who deserve to found and listen it.

If my feelings and judgment are wrong, at least some people will be happy and that's all about here... :)
Posted By: KidKashmir Date: 22 Feb 2010 19:33:51
Awesome - I was hoping some kind person would reupload this set - many many thanks :-)
Posted By: aviateur Date: 22 Feb 2010 20:06:54
a great reupload...thanks Soloweb...I took your offer in the time ... but ... some raptors prefer to denounce your links to reupload them....
Posted By: soloweb Date: 23 Feb 2010 09:20:27
you're welcome !
Posted By: aliomodo Date: 23 Feb 2010 18:50:16
Does anyone happen to have the scans for Vol. 3? (There's no pdf link on the Hyperion website)
In the comments to Soloweb's upload, there was a link, but it's gone offline, regrettably...

Thanks in advance!

Same problem for Vol. 7, 8 & 10 (and probably other volumes as well...)
Posted By: Corwin_ Date: 28 Feb 2010 06:37:57
Many thanks for the great work!
Posted By: grubnenijnk Date: 26 Feb 2011 12:24:42
Hyperion has published notes/artwork for each volume of Howard's Liszt-edition and for the three New Discovery CD´s. Most of these pdf files have have been directly created from the source files and are perfectly searchable. However, some of the files are scanned booklets. These files have been ocr´ed (optical character recognition), but contain quite a lot recognition errors. And they are very large. For example: the original (scanned) booklet of volume 46 (Meditations) is 7.68 MB.

I've bundled the 61 booklets into a single pdf file, which begins with volume 1, volume 2 etc, and ends with the 3 New Discovery CD´s. Bookmarks (F4 in Adobe Acrobat) are added for each volume, so you can jump directly to a particular booklet. The pdf file of the bundled original booklets has been optimized, reducing the original size of the 61 booklets from 42.4 MB to 20.6 MB, without decreasing the qualilty.

Hyperion has recently issued (or will soon issue) a boxed set of 99 CDs of all the recordings (see http://www.hyperion-records.co.uk/al.asp?al=CDS44501/98) at the special price of £187.5 (= £250.00 minus a 25% discount). In this edition (and the accompanying booklet) the CDs are arranged differently. This booklet can be downloaded from http://www.hyperion-records.co.uk/notes/24f33cb4692a4da9/44501-B.pdf. I've optimized this booklet too (same quality), reducing the size from 53,1 MB to 17,7 MB.

Original booklets in a single pdf file (1124 pages):

New booklet of the boxset (1173 pages) as an optimized pdf file:
Posted By: grubnenijnk Date: 26 Feb 2011 16:33:40
Alternative download for the booklets:

Original booklets:

New booklet:
Posted By: Dokter123 Date: 03 Jun 2011 00:33:04
What a monumental, and gratifying undertaking! This upload will be much appreciated.

I own about 1/2 of these CD's having purchased them from an estate sale. Almost all of them had never been listened to! That I don't have to rip them all myself is a tremendous relief.

Many thanks.

Posted By: tacite Date: 24 Jul 2011 08:40:33
Thank you very much!