Oggy and the Cockroaches (119 Episodes)

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Oggy and the Cockroaches (119 Episodes)
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The show centers on Oggy, a content and lazy, albeit very tender fat blue cat, who would usually spend his days watching TV and cooking - if it wasn't for the three pesky roaches in the household: Joey, Dee Dee and Marky (named after members of the punk group Ramones). The trio seems to enjoy generally making Oggy's life miserable, which involves mischieves ranging from (in most cases) plundering his fridge to such awkward things like hijacking the train Oggy just boarded.

* Oggy is the protagonist of the show. Bearing some uncanny resemblances to fellow cat Garfield, Oggy usually spends his time either watching TV or doing housework - when not chasing roaches. Although sometimes acting somewhat female (or in some cases, dressing like a maid), his gender can be considered male (in one episode the roaches steal his laundry bag and keep dropping a track of clothes - Oggy picks them up one-by-one, but embarrassedly moves offscreen when a bra becomes visible among the boxershorts and socks)
* Joey is the self-proclaimed leader of the roaches. Even though he's the smallest roach in the gang, most of the time he's the brains behind the operations, but is often forced to go solo, because his companions think his plans are stupid.
* Dee Dee is an ever-hungry, devour-it-all roach. His appetite sometimes reaches insane regions, often resulting in the consumption of larger animals (such as hyenas in one case and due to some plant in another case, an insect).
* Marky is a laid-back, suave heartbreaker roach, often not really caring about what the two others are doing. His hobby is, obviously, dating girls - even puppets.
* Jack is the other cat in the show. A complete opposite of Oggy, Jack is short-tempered, violent, arrogant - a perfect target for the roaches to annoy. He often finds himself building huge machinery such as roach-catching contraptions, most of the time resulting in backfiring. Jack is Oggy's cousin and he often goes to see Oggy to help him against the roaches' evil schemes.
* Bob, Oggy's huge neighbor dog, - though he's not mentioned in the opening credits - is one frequent star in the show. While Bob tries to live his life as quietly and calmly as possible, the next door racket usually results in destruction of his property, for which he usually responds with pummeling one of the cats. This mostly happens off-screen, usually because the image is changed to silly wallpaper-like backgrounds; the only hint the viewer gets is fighting sounds and cat-squealing.

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Avaxlover2: thank you very much. This is a great post. My wife and I used to watch oggy on tv five years ago when she was pregnant; now we have a beautiful little girl who LOVES to watch oggy. Great comedy, great memories.
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