[Erotic Comic] Nagarya / In The Beginning

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Nagarya 1

Nagarya / In The Beginning
Full Colored | JPEG | 1050x1400 | 13.1 MB | 66 pages
Story & Art by Riverstone

Description: This is the story of explorers on a new planet where the weather is so balmy you don't have to wear clothes. The early days are mixed with dreams and memories rendered in Riverstone's Italian Renaissance painting style. Lush jungles, glowing bodies in acrobatic couplings, ample physical attributes depicted with loving touches of the brush, all the high qualities of Riverstone's work that you have come to appreciate with Thamara & Juda, another Priaprism title by this artist.

Lara Jones - Comics Collection
School Girls Revenge / 4 Issues
The Adventures of Selen / 4 Volumes
Discipline Vol.2

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thank you, im trying to make a mirror but a lot of sites lack in status bar for you UPLOAD :(
Posted By: Sergiosm Date: 23 Oct 2006 22:33:32
here is the mirror

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more of this, please!
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File no longer exists. Please reupload. Thanks in advance.