Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory (1970) MFSL VInyl rip @ 24/96

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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory (MFSL)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory (1970) MFSL Half-Speed LP
Vinyl rip @ 24/96 | FLAC | Artwork | 985 MB (+3% Recovery) | Playing time 42:52 min
Rapidshare, Hotfile | Rock, Country | Released: 1980 | Label: Mobile Fildelity Sound Lab | Catalogue number: MFSL-1-037

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory (MFSL) Label A

DR 13

With the frenetic rush of albums from the late 1960's still virtually cooling on the shelves, this is Creedence's 5th album, incredibly in the space of just under 2 years. An output rivalled by a very few bands of the time. They were not just 'churning them out' though, this is a polished and memorable piece of Americana from a time when the hippy revolution was just drawing to a close. The theme - if such a thing exists on a Creedence album - is one of intense reflection on their days as a band so far. 'Travellin' Band', 'Run Through The Jungle' and 'Up Around The Bend' all speak of the pressures of constantly moving around. Pehaps the highlight of the album is the sublime, funky, relentlessly high quality verison of 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' transforming a 3 minute Motown tune into a pounding 11 minute marathon of guitar licks and drum chops. Ending with 'Long As I Can See The Light' in a most poetic manner. FOr me, the most satisfying of Creedence's LPs. Here presented in astonishingly clean MFSL vinyl. I know some people have their doubts about these Ortofon cut MFSL LPs but I for one have never heard it better and it seems to me to have WAY more dynamics than the recent SACD?
Euripides July 2011
A1 Ramble Tamble (7:11)
A2 Before You Accuse Me (3:27)
...Written by: McDaniels
A3 Travelin' Band 2:08)
A4 Ooby Dooby (2:07)
...Written by: Penner, Moore
A5 Lookin' Out My Back Door (2:35)
A6 Run Through The Jungle (3:10)
B1 Up Around The Bend (2:42)
B2 My Baby Left Me (2:19)
...Written by: Arthur Crudup
B3 Who'll Stop The Rain (2:29)
B4 I Heard It Through The Grapevine (11:08)
...Written by: Strong, Whitfield
B5 Long As I Can See The Light (3:36)

John Fogerty (Vocals And Guitar)
Tom Fogerty (Rhythm Guitar)
Stu Cook (Bass)
Doug "Cosmo" Clifford (Drums)

Recording details:
Produced by: John Fogerty

Vinyl ripping & technical details:
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory (1970)


Original Japan pressing in US sleeve (1980) LP 2nd pressing, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, MFSL-1-037, Matrix A: MFSL-1-037-A2 SR/2 ORTOFON P 121+, Matrix B: MFSL-1-037-B2

(Notes from sleeve:) Pressed in Japan. Original Master Recording™. Half-speed production and mastering by original mastering works. Specially plated and pressed on high definition super vinyl by victor company of japan ltd. Source: the original stereo master tape. Mastered with the ortofon cutting system.

Vpi HW-17F Record Cleaning Machine
Technics SL 1210 Mk II
Rega RB 300 tonearm (Origin Live! mod)
Denon DL 304 M/C Cartridge
NAD 3101 (M/C phono section)
Outboard M-Audio Profire 610 Multichannel A/D
Adobe Audition 3.0

- Record cleaned on Vpi machine.
- Audio sampled at 96/32 float.
- Filter to roll-off frequencies below 20 HZ (only below audible frequencies).
Audio restoration:
- Manual declick and deglitch (about ten micr-clicks in total).
- Very delicate groove noise centering near fades.
- All whole sides normalized to 100% NEVER using compression or limiting.

Original MFSL in MINT condition - probably the easiest job I've done in years. It's really nice to finally hear that yelled vocal and saxaphone on 'See The Light' without the burred distortion on the original cuts. Possibly a bit 'bright' in the mix but the drums and transients are astonishingly clear. Enjoy!
PS this one especially for 'Vinylhound' who lost his 24/96 rip of this when a hard drive was destroyed - believe me I know how that feels my friend!
Euripides July 2011

(Note: 24bit/96Khz FLAC only!)

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Posted By: terra6 Date: 13 Jul 2011 14:26:36
One of CCR's better works. Cheers
Posted By: geoff29 Date: 13 Jul 2011 14:54:15
Thanks Euripides!! I'm your fan!
Posted By: Ear Relevant Date: 13 Jul 2011 17:09:57
Fond memories of this one... when I wasn't pulling out my hair as a teenager while trying to learn how to play these great songs on the geetar!

The simple songwriting and spare production lends itself to a dynamic sound that can be played LOUD and CLEAR in a noisy/reverberant room.

Looking forward to more CCR. Thanks.
Posted By: krokylio Date: 13 Jul 2011 17:37:54
Any chance of Filesonic links PLEASE??????????
Posted By: lplover Date: 13 Jul 2011 17:58:36
That's what i call a great MFSL release: a bright & dynamic sound. And then a wonderful rip.
Again many thanks, Euripides, for all your hard work.
Posted By: Euripides Date: 13 Jul 2011 18:13:45
@krokylio (and all) I bought Hotfile and Rapidshare accounts for one year (about 8 months remaining)... I can't really afford to get any more at this time. Sorry... nothing personal.
Posted By: Globalbee3 Date: 13 Jul 2011 19:12:10
What did you use to calculate the DR 13 rating? I use TT DR Offline Meter 1.4 for 16/44.1, but do not know how to do this for 24/96, 24/192, etc. You assistance would be appreciated.
Posted By: Euripides Date: 13 Jul 2011 19:52:12
Hi Globalbee3: The DR plug-in for Foobar works with any bit-rate AFAIK, I've used it on 96/24 and 192/24 no problemo.
Posted By: Globalbee3 Date: 13 Jul 2011 20:06:01
Hi Euripides: Thank you very much for the quick and helpful response. I will switch from the stand alone program to do this. And, of course, thank you for these vinyl rips!
Posted By: The Purple Parrot Date: 13 Jul 2011 21:07:03
The definitive Grapevine... thanks!
Posted By: Laserman59 Date: 13 Jul 2011 23:12:16
Thank you Euripides for this awesome sounding transfer. :-)
Posted By: silver1973 Date: 14 Jul 2011 00:24:23
The Dude's favorite. Thank you!!!!!!
Posted By: ManWhoCan Date: 14 Jul 2011 01:08:36
For those that want to make the comparison with the SACD:
This SACD rip was created using the following process:

1) DSD internally converted to a 24bit/88.2KHz PCM stream by the Oppo DV-980H player
2) The PCM stream is conveyed into a high-quality HDMI 1.3 cable
3) The HDMI is connected to an Octava 1x2 HDMI Distribution Amp with Toslink Out
4) The PCM stream is splitted into a toslink cable
5) The toslink cable is connected to a M-Audio Transit USB adapter
6) The PCM stream is captured by Cockos Reaper 3.1x using the M-Audio ASIO drivers.
7) Final track splitting (no other editing is involved) is done in Reaper.
Analyzed: Creedence Clearwater Revival / Cosmo's Factory [24bit][SACD-D]

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR11 0.00 dB -13.49 dB 7:10 01-Ramble Tamble
DR13 0.00 dB -14.98 dB 3:26 02-Before You Accuse Me
DR12 -0.60 dB -14.85 dB 2:07 03-Travelin' Band
DR12 0.00 dB -13.44 dB 2:07 04-Ooby Dooby
DR13 -0.12 dB -15.49 dB 2:35 05-Lookin' Out My Back Door
DR12 -0.76 dB -16.49 dB 3:10 06-Run Through The Jungle
DR11 -1.20 dB -14.47 dB 2:42 07-Up Around The Bend
DR12 0.00 dB -14.57 dB 2:19 08-My Baby Left Me
DR12 -0.71 dB -15.62 dB 2:29 09-Who'll Stop The Rain
DR12 0.00 dB -14.17 dB 11:07 10-I Heard It Through The Grapevine
DR12 -0.37 dB -16.24 dB 3:34 11-Long As I Can See The Light

Number of tracks: 11
Maximum peak difference (0.00 dB - -1.20 dB): 1.20 dB

Official DR value (Song Mode): DR12

Posted By: Kurdym Date: 14 Jul 2011 09:21:15
* Euripides
Thank you, great!
Posted By: deep_purple60 Date: 14 Jul 2011 13:09:42
Excellent, thank you very much.
Posted By: cheezle Date: 11 Aug 2011 03:44:54
Thank you!!
Posted By: humyaimakmak Date: 11 Oct 2011 01:27:16
Thanks for this awesome rip!