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Dear Publisher!

Our new section - "Vinyl & Hi-Res" is the special place for publishing the rips of musical albums taken from a non-standard sources as:
  • Vinyl LPs ripped with serious technical equipment
  • Multichannel music copied from a DVD-Audio sources
  • SACD-layer extracted via analogue output
  • High resolution studio masters, available directly from label (include "Digital download" higher than 16 bit)
  • Any tapes presented in higher than 24 bit/48 kHz, etc...

Just because you've ripped an old vinyl LP in the digital format does not make it a specific audiophile product. Same as the original vinyl album ripped to MP3 files does not fit here. The posting of music grabbed from the usual (Red Book) Compact Discs is strongly forbidden in this section.
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The Lovin' Spoonful - The Best Of The Lovin' Spoonful
Label: Buddah Records/BDS 5706 | Released: 1977 | Genre: Classic Rock
Vinyl | LP Cover (1:1) | FLAC | 24bit/96kHz & 16bit/44kHz

The Lovin' Spoonful had a marvelous run on the pop charts in the mid- to late '60s, and hits like "Do You Believe in Magic," "You Didn't Have to Be So Nice," "Daydream," "Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind," and "Summer in the City" still exhibit a bright folk-rock charm when they pop up on oldies radio, thanks largely to John Sebastian's wry, whimsical songwriting, which made every record the group made during its peak years of 1965 through 1967 feel as comfortable as a favorite pair of tennis shoes.
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Simon Rattle, Berliner Philharmoniker - Schumann: Symphonien 1-4 (2014)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time - 124:46 minutes | 2,26 GB
Official Digital Download - Source: Download code | Digital booklet

For Simon Rattle, Robert Schumann is "the echt Romantic". And in fact, the exuberance of the period, its passion and its melancholy can be heard with unique intensity in Schumann's music to this day. For the Berliner Philharmoniker, Schumann's symphonies have always been part of their core repertoire. The 1953 Wilhelm Furtwängler recording in particular has attained cult status. And so it only stands to reason that the Berliner Philharmoniker should launch their Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings label with a cycle of the four Schumann symphonies.
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Stan Getz & João Gilberto featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim - Getz/Gilberto: Expanded Edition (1964/2014)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/192 kHz | Time - 72:08 minutes | 2,32 GB
Official Digital Download - Source: HDTracks.com | Front cover

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark, four-time Grammy Award winning jazz album GETZ/GILBERTO which single-handedly ignited the international bossa nova craze with such hits as “The Girl From Ipanema” and “Corcovado”. This anniversary celebrate with the release of GETZ/GILBERTO: Expanded Edition. It includes U.S. single versions of the widely popular hits as well as a newly remastered version of the jazz/bossa nova classic album in both mono and stereo, with the mono version making its CD debut and the stereo album in its original left-right configuration for the first time since its vinyl release!
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The Dave Clark Five ‎- The Story Of Dave Clark Five
Label: Polydor/2664 403 | Double LP | Released: 1979 | Genre: Classic Rock
Vinyl | LP Cover (1:1) | FLAC | 24bit/96kHz & 16bit/44kHz

For many years, the Dave Clark Five were one of the few major groups of the 1960s.
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Wilson Pickett - In The Midnight Hour (1965/2012) [MONO]
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time - 30:51 minutes | 360 MB
Official Digital Download - Source: HDTracks.com | Front cover

In The Midnight Hour was Wilson Pickett’s first album for Atlantic Records. The work is a compilation of early singles recorded from 1961 to 1965. An excellent sampler of Pickett’s gospel-trained vocals and raw power, the album includes one of Pickett’s biggest hits, “In The Midnight Hour.” The song would be listed on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll” and Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.” Also included are the gems, “I’m Not Tired” and “Don’t Fight It.” This is an absolute essential recording!
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Wilson Pickett - The Sound Of Wilson Pickett (1967/2012)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time - 29:55 minutes | 685 MB
Official Digital Download - Source: HDTracks.com | Front cover

Epitomizing soul, Wilson Pickett let loose with his 1967 release, The Sound Of Wilson Pickett. The album featured iconic session players, Chips Moman and Spooner Oldham. One of the greatest voices in music history, Pickett wailed on the tunes, “Funky Broadway,” “I Found A Love,” “You Can’t Stand Alone” and “Love Is A Beautiful Thing.” Reaching #7 on Billboard's R&B charts, the album is widely regarded as his finest of the decade and is a treasured masterpiece.
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Wilson Pickett - Don't Knock My Love (1971/2012)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time - 36:49 minutes | 842 MB
Official Digital Download - Source: HDTracks.com | Front cover

Don’t Knock My Love was Wilson Pickett’s final album for Atlantic Records. The atypical soul album exuberated with experimental instrumentation, synthesizers and various background singers. The gritty vocalist belted tunes like “Hot Love,” “Call My Name, I’ll Be There,” “A Mighty Long Way” and “Covering The Same Old Ground.” One of his finest release and a vital addition to 70s music.
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Myung Whun Chung - Piano (2014)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time - 54:59 minutes | 1,07 GB
Official Digital Download - Source: HighResAudio.com | Digital booklet

The ECM New Series debut of Myung Whun Chung features the widely-celebrated conductor as pianist. Recorded at Venice’s Teatro La Fenice, in July 2013, the album marks the first occasion that Chung has recorded solo. In a performer’s note, he describes the album as a gift for younger listeners, as well as a personal thanks to those who share his love of this music. Chung’s touch and sensitivity for dynamics cast a new light on familiar pieces – by Debussy, Chopin, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Schumann and Mozart – as they are experienced in a gently flowing sequence which also serves to highlight affinities between the compositions. Although conducting now fully occupies his professional life, Chung (born 1953 in Seoul) made his debut as pianist with the Seoul Philharmonic at the age of seven. He later studied the piano with Maria Curcio, the last and favourite pupil of Artur Schnabel. In 1974 he was a prize winner in the Tchaikovsky Competition. He then began his career playing piano trios with his sisters, Kyung Wha Chung and Myung Wha Chung.
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Curios - Captive (2014)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/48 kHz | Time - 46:35 minutes | 1,13 GB
Official Digital Download - Source: B&W's Society of Sound | Front sleeve

Curios were described by Mojo as "the most formidable piano trio in the UK". Since the release of the band's debut album "Hidden" in February 2007, Curios have made a striking impact on the UK jazz scene.
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Dillon - The Unknown (2014)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz | Time - 43:28 minutes | 455 MB
Official Digital Download - Source: Qobuz | Front cover

To fully indulge in Dillon’s fragile second album is to completely submit yourself to, as the title intimates, The Unknown. From the foreboding bassline and perturbing white noise of the titular opener until the album’s close, The Unknown feels like uncharted territory. Its mysterious splendor is initially concealed beneath a cold exterior like a windswept moor hidden under a blanket of mist. Only with time and patience will its true beauty emerge. On Dillon’s critically lauded 2011 debut album This Silence Kills, the Brazilian songwriter gracefully echoed the “chanson-pop” melodies of Lykke Li and Emiliana Torrini. Yet The Unknown reveals that Dillon has undergone a significant musical transformation. Unlike her debut, the silence no longer kills but instead breaths life into The Unknown’s twelve astonishing tracks.
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The Seekers - Come The Day
Label: Columbia/SCX 6093 | Release: 1966 | Genre: Folk-Pop
Vinyl | LP Cover (1:1) | FLAC | 24bit/96kHz & 16bit/44kHz

It was on this album that all of the Seekers' varied attributes -- including Judith Durham's powerful vocals, the increasingly virtuoso-level playing (especially on the acoustic 12-string) and singing of Bruce Woodley, Athol Guy, and Keith Potger, and Woodley's burgeoning songwriting talent -- kicked in at their peak at the same time. The album opens with the title track, a Woodley original that's one of the best folk-style recordings to come out of the British Invasion and also one of the Seekers' (and Durham's) greatest performances, hers and the others' voices, coupled with their acoustic guitars, evoking the sound of bells chiming.
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Schenk / Herwich / Hacquart - The Spirit of Gambo
Freek Borstlap / Ivanka Neeleman / Haru Kitamika
SACD ISO (2.0/MCH): 3,46 GB | 24B/88,2kHz Stereo FLAC: 1,10 GB | Full Artwork: 151 MB
Label/Cat#: Stockfisch Rec. # SFR 357.4042.2 | Country/Year: Germany 2006 | 5% Recovery Info
Genre: Classical | Style: Chamber Music, Viola da Gamba

"...Stockfish are only just moving into the Classical sphere with their audiophile discs, and they have taken enormous care with this recording. They used the world's only fully isolated concert and recording suite at the Galaxy Studios at Mol in Belgium. The complex is suspended on gigantic steel springs which damp ground-borne frequencies down to 3 Hz, and extraneous external noise is attenuated by more than 100dB. (...) As a result of all this, the stereo SACD track is simply breathtaking in its fidelity; the players are simply present just behind the speakers, with tiny seat movements, breathing and some finger-squeaks on the strings. In MC the perspective becomes three-dimensional, and the rich hall acoustic signature adds an extra layer of sonority to the gambas. The bellies of these instruments can be heard resonating for many seconds after the music stops. An exceptional demonstration-quality recording and performance. Buy it and step into another age, courtesy of today's high technology."
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Michelle Makarski, Keith Jarrett - Johann Sebastian Bach: Six Sonatas for Violin and Piano (2013)
ECM New Series | FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz | Time - 94:07 minutes | 889 MB
Official Digital Download - Source: HDTracks.com | Cover & Digital booklet

Michelle Makarski and Keith Jarrett met when Makarski was recording Jarrett's album Bridge of Light. A musical friendship was formed, and the two decided to get together to play these Bach sonatas just for fun. Later on, they decided to record the pieces, which took place in November 2010 at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York.
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Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory: Live At Download Festival 2014 (2014)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/44,1 kHz | Time - 42:16 minutes | 536 MB
Official Digital Download - Source: Official site | Small front

On June 14 Linkin Park performed Hybrid Theory in it's entirety LIVE for the first time ever. This recording has been available for a limited time for purchase with their new album "Hunting Party" through the official site and some other retailers.