Girls of the Big 10

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Girls of the Big 10 - Playboy Special Edition
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It’s that time of year everyone loves, when the girls of Playboy Special Edition: Girls of the Big 10 are named!

Sasha Camille - Indiana University
Bailey Kay - Michigan State University
Isabella Fox - Northwestern University
Romona Lee - Penn State University
Haley Sorenson - Indiana University
Priscilla Yvonne - University of Minnesota
Jazmin Stars - University of Wisconsin
Donna Michelle - Purdue University
Marie Dawson - Northwestern University
Hannah Leigh - Michigan State University
Arianna Lee - University of Illinois
Reé Elliot - Ohio State University
Brooke Cassidy - University of Michigan
Rachel Rockefeller - University of Iowa
Hannah Gappa - University of Nebraska

As you can see, across the midwest, babes answered Playboy’s call for girls to audition and boy, did they get quite the response! From all over campuses, these hotties came out to show off their school pride and their incredible bodies. These chicks are going to want to make you enroll in a few courses yourself just for the chance to be near some of the hottest coeds in the nation.

Some of these faces you’re going to see here will make you beg Playboy to do more with them. These fine females are making good grades, so we’ll have to see if they make it as models as well. Brooke Cassidy, Sasha Camille, Hannah Gappa, and Donna Michelle are just a few of the babes that made it into the Big 10 series this year. Such a stunning array of coeds featured this year of babes of all ethnicities, body types, and sizes – the one thing they all have in common is their beauty.

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