Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition, 3rd Edition

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Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition, 3rd Edition
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Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition is a comprehensive survey of the history of Western philosophy from its origins in classical Greece to the present. The course is an 84-lecture, 12-professor tour of Western philosophical tradition and covers more than 60 of history's greatest minds.

Course Lecture Titles:
1. Introduction
2. The Pre-Socratics—Physics and Metaphysics
3. The Sophists and Social Science
4. Plato—Metaphysics
5. Plato—Politics
6. Plato—Psychology
7. Aristotle—Metaphysics
8. Aristotle—Politics
9. Aristotle—Ethics
10. Stoicism and Epicureanism
11. Roman Eclecticism—Cicero and Polybius
12. Roman Skepticism—Sextus Empiricus
13. Introduction
14. Job and the Problem of Suffering
15. The Hebrew Bible and Covenantal History
16. The Synoptic Gospels—The Historical Jesus and the Kingdom of God
17. Paul—Justification by Faith
18. Plotinus and Neo-Platonism
19. Augustine—Grace and Free Will
20. Aquinas and Christian Aristotelianism
21. Universals in Medieval Thought
22. Mysticism and Meister Eckhart
23. Luther—Law and Gospel
24. Calvin and Protestantism
25. Introduction
26. Machiavelli and the Origins of Political Science
27. More's Utopianism
28. Erasmus Against Enthusiasm
29. Galileo and the New Astronomy
30. Bacon's New Organon and the New Science
31. Descartes—The Method of Modern Philosophy
32. Hobbes—Politics and the State of Nature
33. Spinoza—Rationalism and the Reverence for Being
34. Pascal—Skepticism and Jansenism
35. Bayle—Skepticism and Calvinism
36. Newton and Enlightened Science
37. Introduction
38. Locke—Politics
39. Locke—The Revolution in Knowledge
40. Vico and the New Science of History
41. Montesquieu and Political Thought
42. The Worldly Philosophy of Bernard Mandeville
43. Bishop Berkeley—Idealism and Critique of the Enlightenment
44. Hume's Epistemology
45. Hume's Theory of Morality
46. Hume's Natural Religion
47. Adam Smith and the Origins of Political Economy
48. Rousseau's Dissent
49. Introduction
50. Kant's "Copernican Revolution"
51. Kant's Moral Theory
52. Burke—The Origins of Conservatism
53. Hegel—History and Historicism
54. Marx—Historical Materialism
55. Marx—On Alienation
56. Mill's Utilitarianism
57. Kierkegaard and the Leap of Faith
58. Schopenhauer—The World as Will and Idea
59. Nietzsche—Perspectivism and the Will to Power
60. Nietzsche—The Death of God, Morality, and Self-Creation
61. Introduction
62. James's Pragmatism
63. Freud's Psychology of Human Nature
64. Freud's Discontents
65. A.J. Ayer and Logical Positivism
66. Max Weber and Legitimate Authority
67. Husserl and Phenomenology
68. Dewey's Critique of Traditional Philosophy
69. Heidegger—Dasein and Existenz
70. Wittgenstein and Language Analysis
71. The Frankfurt School
72. Structuralism—Saussure and Lévi-Strauss
73. Introduction
74. Hayek and the Critique of Central Planning
75. Popper—The Open Society and the Philosophy of Science
76. Kuhn's Paradigm Paradigm
77. Quine—Ontological Relativism
78. Habermas—Critical Theory and Communicative Action
79. Rawls's Theory of Justice
80. Derrida and Deconstruction
81. Rorty's Neo-Pragmatism
82. Gouldner—Ideology and the "New" Class
83. MacIntyre—The Rationality of Traditions
84. Nozick's Defense of Libertarianism


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