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Adobe After Effects CC 2014 13.1.1 | 1.37 GB
Languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean

After Effects CC - it is an industry-leading software for creating animated graphics and layout, which is used by many developers visual effects and animated graphics. It offers superb control functions, a wide range of creative tools, and the ability to integrate with other applications for video post-processing.
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Pinthis - Pinterest Style Wordpress Theme
1 MB | PHP | CSS | JS

PinThis is Pinterest inspired WordPress theme that comes chock full of style and customisation options. PinThis is a cutting-edge, masonry based, multi-purpose theme. With its clean design it is great for projects that emphasizes a stylistic and modern look.
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Solsuite Solitaire 2014 14.10 + Graphics Pack
PC | English | Developer/Publisher: TreeCardGames | 119 MB
Genre: Card Games

SolSuite 2014 is a high-quality collection of 586 solitaire games. All of the world's best-known solitaire games are here, including Spider solitaire, Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid, Golf, Yukon, Monte Carlo, Canfield, Gaps, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Napoleon, Diplomat, La Belle Lucie, Flower Garden, Rouge et Noir. We've also invented dozens of solitaires with your fun in mind, such as King of Scotland, Foxtrot, Mayflower and many others!
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Nitro Pro (x86/x64) | 262 MB

Nitro Pro 9 lets you quickly and easily create professional-quality PDF documents from any format or content type: paper scans, spreadsheets, presentations, reports, and more.
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Cyberlink Media Suite 10 Ultra v10.0.0.2021 Final | 1.3 GB

Cyberlink Media Suite a complete solution for work with multimedia products of high quality. Includes all modules Media Suite to record and copy files, offers professional playback, create and share photos, music, movies and data. Software CyberLink Media Suite is a versatile set of tools for managing digital information content, the process of editing audio and video, multimedia training products of high quality. Solution CyberLink Media Suite provides easy access to a wide range of applications and functions from a single user interface and simplifies common tasks. Program CyberLink Media Suite supports multiple recording formats on CD / DVD, provides for the creation of labels on CDs and implementation of packet writing.
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Substance Designer 2014 4.5 Build 14479 (MacOSX/Windows) | 389 MB

The program is intended for creation of complex nonlinear procedural textures. The program allows you to mix and manipulate bitmaps, vector images and procedural elements. Textures created with Substance Designer are dynamic, ie they can be freely modified at any stage of creation. In this case, the user automatically receives the output different cards - diffuse, Normal, specular, etc.
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AKVIS HDRFactory 4.0.470.10 | 76 MB

AKVIS HDRFactory creates HDR photos (High Dynamic Range Imaging - an image with high dynamic range) by combining several images of the same object taken with different exposure values. The result is an expressive contrasting image that reflects reality with a higher level of authenticity than a simple snapshot. By comparison, the human eye discerns many more nuances of color and brightness than any modern camera could record. The HDR technology endeavours to bridge the gap between reality as we see it and its photographic reflection.
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AKVIS OilPaint 3.0.304.10 | 180 MB

AKVIS OilPaint is photo to painting software that creates oil paintings from photographs. The characteristic feature of the program is a unique algorithm of the artistic application of brush strokes that authentically reproduces the technique of the real brush. Creating a painting in oil colors is long and complicated process. Usually it may take months. With this cutting-edge software you can become a painter and turn your photos into paintings in just a few minutes!
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Movicon v11.4.1151 Multilanguage | 980 MB

Movicon™ 11 represents the state-of-art in Movicon™ Scada/HMI software technology, a platform for industrial supervision and control. Movicon represents over 15 years of technology evolution firmly based on the concepts of simplicity, scalability, power and openness. Progea’s exclusive “XML-inside” technology now performs to perfection in the 11.4 product version, which is fully compatible with the previous version, and renews the supervision concepts based on modularity and openness anticipating automation technology of the future.
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Boris Continuum Complete v9.0.2100a for AVX | 220 MB

Boris Continuum Complete 9 AVX - Visual Effects Plug-ins for Avid Editing and Finishing Systems. BCC AVX gives Avid editors the most comprehensive VFX and compositing plug-in suite ever created. A whopping 200+ filters include 3D Objects such as Extruded Text, 3D particle effects, image restoration tools, lens flares and lights, award-winning chroma keying and compositing, a full suite of color correction tools, time-based effects such as Optical Stabilizer, warp and perspective effects, and blurs, glows, and cinematic effects. All BCC AVX filters take advantage of either multi-processing or OpenGL hardware acceleration for an interactive effects design experience.
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Boris Continuum Complete 9.0.3006a for Adobe After Effects | 226 MB

BCC 9 has exciting new features for editors and After Effects artists alike. Whether you're working on fast-paced commercials, intimate indies, cutting-edge tv series, Hollywood blockbusters or award-winning documentaries, BCC 9 has something for every artist and editor.
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Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2015 SP3 Multilingual | 412 MB
Languages : English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Español, Português, Русский, 繁體中文, 简体中文, 한국어 and 日本語

SketchBook® Pro sketching and painting software is a professional-grade program for digital artists, illustrators, and designers. Transform your Windows- or Mac-based computer into a digital sketchbook using powerful illustration tools and an intuitive user interface.
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Kaspersky Small Office Security 3.0 v13. Final | 187.74 MB

Kaspersky Small Office Security delivers everything you need to protect your business—from world-class PC and server security that won’t slow you down, to a host of protection tools for your digital assets. Plus our unique Management Center makes it incredibly easy and convenient. From one PC, you can manage the protection of your entire office: run scans, updates and backup tasks; fix security issues; remotely manage your employees’ access to the Internet; and update security licenses. With Kaspersky Small Office Security, you can stay focused on your business knowing your systems, data and reputation are always safe.
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Hardware Monitor 4.99 | MacOSX | 21 MB

Hardware Monitor is an application to read out all available hardware sensors in Mac computers. The program can display and visualize measured values in a large variety of fashions. It can also store and export readings. The application Temperature Monitor is available for free, but is limited to accessing temperature sensors only. The application Hardware Monitor is commercial shareware, but can access additional sensors if your computer is equipped with them.
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MacBooster 2.1.1 | MacOSX | 24 MB

MacBooster help set up and speed up OS X. This program is able to release the memory and optimize the download list and the system as a whole. MacBooster also removes unnecessary files to free up space on your hard drive. Try the program in fact, to learn about all its features!